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Multilayer Polarimeter

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Multilayer polarimeter 3D models

Schematic setup showing all the motorized motions and their assignment.

Ranges and accuracy of movement together with concentricity and parallelism of all the axis pairs.

Polarizer rotationα-5° to 365°0.0125°
Analyser rotationβ-5° to 365°0.0125°
Incidence andgle, polarizerθp-5° to 185°0.0010°
Incidence angle, analyserθA-5° to 95°0.0010°
Detector angle2θA-5° to 185°0.0010°
Front pinhole, vertical 64 mm0.0025 mm
Front pinhole, horizontal -5 to 5 mm0.0100 mm
Rear pinhole, vertical 64 mm0.0025mm
Rear pinhole, horizontal -5 to 5 mm0.0100 mm
Filter/I0-detector, vertical 110 mm0.0100 mm
Sample exchange unit -71 to 71 mm0.0100 mm


Axis pair alignmentAngularLateral
α, β0.0075° //7.6 μm
α, θp0.0016° ⊥33 μm
β, θA0.0010° ⊥48 μm
β, 2θA0.0044° ⊥43 μm
θ, θA0.0084° ⊥5 μm
Multilayer polarizer, θp0.0006° //0.2 μm
Multilayer analyser, θA0.0004° //4.1 μm

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