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Hard X-Ray Double Crystal Monochromator - DCM

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Axis NameDrive RangeRepeatabilityMinimum Feed StrokeEncoder ResolutionDrive System
Main AxisBragg angle θ (Stage rotation angle)3°-32° (-1-32 deg)10 µrad1 µrad1 µradStepper Motor (Air)
First CrystalRoll TX1±0.5 deg10 µrad5 µrad-Motor (Vacuum)
Lateral translation X1±5 mm50 µm5 µm-Motor (Vacuum)
Normal translation to crystal surface ZZ1±1 mm10 µm5 µm-Motor (Vacuum)
Pitch adjustment Δθ1±0.5 deg0.25 µrad0.05 µrad-Motor (Vacuum) Piezo*
Vertical translation Z1-4-1 mm10 µm0.1 µm-Motor (Vacuum)
Longtitudinal translation Y1270 mm10 µm1 µm0.1 mmMotor (Vacuum)
Second CrystalRoll TX2±0.5 deg10 µrad0.5 µrad-Motor (Vacuum)
Lateral translation X2±5 mm50 µm1 µm-Motor (Vacuum)
Normal translation to crystal surface ZZ2±1 mm10 µm1 µm-Motor (Vacuum)
Pitch adjustment Δθ2±0.5 deg0.25 µrad0.05 µrad-Motor (Vacuum)
MountBX±5 mm0.2 mm1/20 mm-Manual (Air)
BZ±5 mm0.2 mm1/20 mm-Manual (Air)

* Piezo (option): ±30 arcsec

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