Close HMRC’s FOI Loophole

I have set up a petition to close HMRC’s FOI loophole, it is currently awaiting approval. Please sign this as soon as it is approved and promote it in any way you can. It should appear here once it is approved: Ministry of Justice Petitions (‘Civ’ to ‘Con’)

Close the HMRC freedom of information loophole petition

“While almost all public bodies are required to release information about companies under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 there is a loophole that means HMRC does not have to do so. The loophole is contained in Sections 18 & 23 of the Commissioners for Revenue and Customs Act 2005. This loophole means that HMRC does not have to release information about corporate tax payers even when it can be shown that the public interest is harmed by non-disclosure. In fact HMRC would not even be required to release relevant information it holds in cases where corporations have knowingly mislead the public about the amount of tax they pay,

Whilst we accept that private individuals have a right to privacy, we fail to see why this right extends to the tax affairs of major corporations.

We call on the Government to introduce legislation to close this loophole in respect of companies and other organisations as step towards a fairer and more transparent tax system.”

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