ICO will make a formal statement on status of Duchy

For those of you that have been following the Duchy of Lancaster Saga I have a brief update.

“Therefore depending on the verdict, you will receive either:

(1) A much more detailed letter explaining the Commissioner’s view that the Duchy is not a public authority under the Regulations. This verdict can be challenged by judicial review.

(2) A Decision Notice explaining that the Duchy of Lancaster is caught by the EIR and that it must process your request. This can be challenged by either side to the Information Tribunal.”

Email from Information Commissioner’s Office dated 26 November 2009.

Although I am eager to get a decision and the wait can be frustrating, I want to point out that the ICO staff are being very helpful in progressing my case and they appear committed to applying the law correctly to the facts of the case:

“As you are aware (and as your submissions demonstrate) there are a large number of factors that are relevant in this case and all must be considered by me as case officer. I must obtain the facts and apply the law to those facts.”

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